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* Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) special program
** Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) & Gifted Academy special programs
*** Offers Adult Education program


An Academy is a smaller learning community, or a school within a school that allows students to experience high school through the lens of a theme, or Academy.

Academies allow students to take a three course sequence of courses related to the Academy theme. Students will also participate in work based learning experiences in school and the community related to their Academy theme.

Academies Structure

All students will participate in the course High School Readiness as 8th graders. This course will introduce students to the concept of Academies, and allow students to explore their interests. 

As 9th graders, students take College & Career Readiness (formerly Freshman Seminar) in which students further explore their interests and Academies. 

In grades 10 - 12, students are grouped by Academy to allow students to spend time with peers who have similar interests. Students will still take their core courses--English, Math, Science, and Social Sciences, but those courses will ideally be taught in the theme of the Academy. Students will also take a three course sequence, or Pathway, that is a specific program of study with in the Academy. Students completing the three course sequence have the opportunity to receive early college credit and/or an industry certification.

Embedded within each Academy are work based learning experiences. Students will explore careers in our region through career development experiences such as the Academy Expo, site visits, job shadows, mock interviews, and more. 


Academies Features and Accompanying Benefits

Within the Academies, students can choose from career pathways that allow them to further explore career areas of interest. Each pathway is a three course sequence beginning in a student’s sophomore year that provides real-world experiences with local businesses and professionals, linking schoolwork and the workplace. Students learn math, science, English, and social science, but apply their academic learning to their chosen career pathway. Many of our career pathways offer students opportunities like dual credit, articulated credit or industry certifications. Research has shown student achievement is highest when students learn in the context of relevant concepts that are important to them.