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* Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) special program
** Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) & Gifted Academy special programs
*** Offers Adult Education program


CAPA Academy Principal

Mr. Scott Lazar 

scott lazar

Important Contacts

CAPA Freshman Counselor 

Ms. Samantha Yahn





CAPA Counselor (grades 10-12)

Ms. Barbara Thompson






CAPA secretary

Christy Malenchik


David Saldana

Your CAPA Teachers

Weston Brabeck

Beth Heuer      

Joselyn Ludtke

Kyle Owen

Congratulations cast and crew on a job well done!



Scholastic Regional Art and Writing Awards

Teacher First Teacher Last Student First Student Last Grade Category Title Award
Elizabeth Wood Evelin Ortiz 12 Painting Funny Face Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Wood Jacklyn Solis 12 Drawing & Illustration Expressive Self Portrait Silver Key
Elizabeth Wood Jade Stone 10 Drawing & Illustration Untitled Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Wood Leslie Soberanis 12 Mixed Media Trombone Self Portrait Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Wood Pah Sa Khin 10 Drawing & Illustration Nosy Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Wood Rachel Espino 10 Drawing & Illustration Self Portrait Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Wood Seraphine Ott 12 Mixed Media Seraphine & Louis Gries Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Wood Veronica Bratina 12 Art Portfolio Destroy Build Destroy Honorable Mention

Scotland Fundraisers

Auburn's Theater Department has the amazing opportunity to present a play at next year's Scottish Fringe Festival. Teacher Ms. Weickert shares details in this video.



CAPA academy logo: black "R" with red text
First page of the PDF file: HighSchoolPlanningGuide_English

Click to view high school information and course descriptions. Shortened versions available soon in SpanishArabic.