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Auburn Accomplishments

Carol McFeggan Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Isabell Perez, this year's winner of the Carol McFeggan Scholarship.  At the Girls Softball Senior Night,
Isabell received a $500.00 scholarship in recognition of her school spirit, work ethic, and perseverance.



Congratulations to the team for finishing tied for 31st place out of a field of 224 teams at the NAQT High School National Championship Tournament this weekend.  They were ranked nationally in between 70-80th place throughout the year and 52 in the pre-HSNCT ranking so they performed above the expectations.

The team consisted of captain Justin Abel, Ashley Thammavong, Nam Pham, Alex Crowell, Sinecio Morales and Coby Thammavong.  Justin led the team with 41.67PPG but every member of the team finished the tournament with double digit PPG's.

SchoBo National 21


Congratulations are in order for the Auburn Scholastic Bowl Team.  Last week, they won the Stateline Quiz bowl Championship
for the 7th consecutive year!  Players in the championship game include Justin Abel, Ashley Thamavong, Alex Crowell,
Sinecio Morales, Nam Pham, & Eddie Hoffman

Bergstrom 21


TWO Scholarship Winners from AHS

Congratulations to Raneem Qaseem, who was named a YWCA Scholarship winner and to Angelique Tejeda,
who was named a La Voz Latina Scholarship winner.

Qaseem (to right of Mr. Appino) and Tejeda (to left of Mrs. Betts):

Scholarship winners




The Auburn Scholastic Bowl team competed in the IHSA Sectionals held at Auburn High School on Saturday 3/13/21. 
The team consisted of captain Justin Abel, Ashley Thammavong, Nam Pham, Alex Crowell, Sinecio Morales, Coby Thammavong,
Eddie Hoffman, Puranjay Gupta, Huan Lin and Brielle Rach.  They went 3-0 to be crowned the sectional champs.  Unfortunately there will be
no state competition again this year so their journey to state ends here for this season.


Nic-10 Results

The Auburn Scholastic Bowl Teams (varsity & JV) defeated Belvidere North High School on Tuesday 2/16/21 in an online format

The Auburn Scholastic Bowl Team (Varsity) defeated Guilford High School on Monday 2/22/21 in an online format.


The Auburn Scholastic Bowl team competed online in the Midwest Prison Bowl Tournament on Saturday 2/13.  
Team A consisted of captain Justin Abel, Alex Crowell, Ashley Thammavong and Nam Pham.  They finished 11th overall out of a field of 32 with a 5-4 record.Team B consisted of captain Sinecio Morales, Coby Thammavong, Luis Angeles and Huan Lin.   They finished with a 5-4 record and took 19th.
Justin Abel was the top scorer with 47.78 PPG followed closely by Sinecio Morales with 47.22 PPG and Luis Angeles with 40 PPG.