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Scholarship News

TWO Scholarship Winners from AHS

Congratulations to Raneem Qaseem, who was named a YWCA Scholarship winner and to Angelique Tejeda,
who was named a La Voz Latina Scholarship winner.

Qaseem (to right of Mr. Appino) and Tejeda (to left of Mrs. Betts):

Scholarship winners




Nic-10 Results

The Auburn Scholastic Bowl Teams (varsity & JV) defeated Belvidere North High School on Tuesday 2/16/21 in an online format

The Auburn Scholastic Bowl Team (Varsity) defeated Guilford High School on Monday 2/22/21 in an online format.


The Auburn Scholastic Bowl team competed online in the Midwest Prison Bowl Tournament on Saturday 2/13.  
Team A consisted of captain Justin Abel, Alex Crowell, Ashley Thammavong and Nam Pham.  They finished 11th overall out of a field of 32 with a 5-4 record.Team B consisted of captain Sinecio Morales, Coby Thammavong, Luis Angeles and Huan Lin.   They finished with a 5-4 record and took 19th.
Justin Abel was the top scorer with 47.78 PPG followed closely by Sinecio Morales with 47.22 PPG and Luis Angeles with 40 PPG.